Q Why would a company need to have an agency manage their adwords campaign?
A:  The different ad systems are quite confusing and without proper set-up you could be spending more funds than you should; and on clicks that don’t return any conversions. If you have the time to learn the ins and outs of their networks you could do it yourself.

Q. What is a conversion?
A. Conversions can be many things: a sale of an item, newsletter sign up or merely spending time on your site.

Q. What settings do we set-up for adwords?
A. We make sure your ad campaign is configured to your regional selling area(s) (pointless advertising to people in India when you operate an oven cleaning business in Leeds!). We also configure time of day display; again you wouldn’t want to advertise reading glasses at night when perhaps your audience (potential customers) are in bed!

Q. Anything else?
A. We can set a per day spending limit. This extends your overall budget over multiple days rather than blowing the whole lot in just a few short hours!

Q. Why would a company need SEO?
A. Search Engine Optimisation works on many levels. Firstly your web pages need to be inviting so that crawlers and robots follow your sitemap and index it correctly. Images should be captioned and pages should have a title and description. Secondly, any links to your site must ultimately be authentic (organic) and not self promoting. A link from your Twitter account or from a Press Release you created does not carry as much weight as say a link from a third party company recommending your products and services.

Q. Is it worth just spending £100 a month on adwords?
A. Yes yes yes! Whilst that obviously wont buy you a lot of clicks or web traffic, it can reaffirm to the search engine, like Google, what your keywords are. That can only be a good thing and hopefully have some affect on your page rank.

Q. Are SEO and Advertising services refundable?
A. Afraid not. Unlike physical objects, like a dishwasher, virtual goods can not be returned. The expenditure has already been allocated to the associated advertising networks. Services can be cancelled at anytime, but partial months are non refundable. All SEO and adverting services are on a rolling 30 days agreement. Please refer to our Terms.