Consultants agree to the following:

Section I

Consultants working with Apptelic must have the following information prior to any invoices being paid:

  1. Have a Purchase order from Apptelic for any given work
  2. Bank details for payment or Paypay id listed on Invoice
  3. Invoice from Consultant that corresponds to the relevant PO (1 above)

Invoices less than $500 are normally paid within 10 days.
Invoices over $500 are typically paid within 21 days and either to your bank or payment through Paypal. Consultants will need to send a Paypal payment request to a specified Apptelic email address.

Section II

Consultant agrees that they have adequate insurance and/or the necessary licenses in their country to operate their respective business. All payments are made by Apptelic without any tax withholding. Consultants are responsible for their own tax affairs in their country of residence.

Section III

Working with Apptelic does not guarantee a minimum of hours per week / month and no offer of employment has been or will ever be made to consultant. Apptelic works strictly on a remote arms length relationship with Consultants.

Section IV

Consultant agrees to keep all website login access and passwords secure. Consultants agree to make best efforts to protect Apptelic’s IP (Intellectual Property) relating to development and/or marketing assets. Consultant further agrees not to contact Apptelic’s clients directly and/or indirectly.